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Consulting and Training

Are you looking for highly customized leadership development, individual, team and group consulting and training? K.N. Rials Therapy & Consulting leads the way in providing a comprehensive array of leadership training for all size organizations.


Therapy Services

There are several psychological issues you can experience that may be best helped with the help of a therapist. Therapy can address depression, anxiety, grief, feelings of loss or isolation, and work and career issues. The goal of therapy is to give you the skills and strategies you need to cope with challenges in your life.

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A Culturally Connected Approach to Therapy

Live with Courage ~ Be Guided by Integrity ~ Choose to Trust ~ Demonstrate Loyalty ~ Do it with Excellence

Consulting & Training

Are you looking for highly customized leadership development, individual, team and group consulting and training? K.N. Rials Therapy & Consulting leads the way in providing a comprehensive array of leadership training for all size organizations.

Therapy Services

Have you ever thought you might need therapy? If so, then you are not alone. Many people wonder if they need therapy but are scared to take that first step. Therapy is a process where you can find out what is getting in the way of your happiness and mental health in order to create a path towards recovery.

First Responder Services

K.N. Rials Therapy services is dedicated to supporting the lives of First Responders including Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Dispatch, and Military through individual and group therapy, critical incident response, and debriefing.


As BIPOC, we must keep deposits coming into our life and not become  emotionally bankrupt.  Therapy can be a positive deposit and can provide the support you need as you achieve life goals!

What Is Therapy?
Who is it For?

Therapy can improve the quality of your life. Engaging in therapy services takes courage and effort because being in therapy essentially means you are ready to work toward the goals you identify. My desire is to help you navigate the life issues you are facing by offering therapeutic insight, tools and strategies. No matter why you’re making the choice to see a therapist, you have every reason to feel hopeful. You can live a more productive and fulfilling life.

Therapy can make you feel happier.

When you feel depressed or anxious, therapy can help. Therapy is a process for helping people learn more about themselves and the world around them. If you want to make sensible choices and feel better in your daily life, therapy can help.

Therapy can help improve chronic stress.

Many people suffer from chronic stress. If you are one of those people, I have good news for you. Therapy can help you. It has been proven that talking about your problems and getting them out in the open can actually help to reduce the symptoms of stress.

Therapy can lead to improved relationships.

Your relationships may be hurting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We all need a safe place to vent, grow, and heal. A place where we can finally find mutual understanding and get on the same page.

Therapy can help you achieve your goals.

Reaching your goals is hard. It’s easy to say, “I want to lose weight,” but it takes a lot more to actually achieve that goal. The process of getting to your goal can be just as important as reaching the goal itself so that you don’t gain back all the weight after you lose it. Therapy can help you develop the skills that help you reach your goals.

Therapy can improve your physical health.

Therapy can be a helpful solution to alleviating stress and anxiety, and related symptoms. Many people aren’t aware of the physical changes that result from stress and anxiety. Minor issues add up over time into something much bigger. In addition to feeling more mentally stable, therapy can help you feel physically better.

About Me

My career spans over two decades in  practice, teaching, and executive leadership roles.

In my private practice, I offer culturally competent therapy services to Emergency First Responders, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), Leaders, and Executives.   

I contribute to organizational well-being through leadership and clinical training and consultation. My expertise extends to professional and organizational growth, strategic development, equity-focused policy analysis, team relational health, self-care, grief and trauma management within organizational contexts, and critical incident response. 

I obtained a Master of Social Work from the University of Kansas in 2000. I am licensed to provide clinical therapy services in Kansas and Missouri and personalized training, coaching, and consultation services nationwide.

Beyond my clinical practice, I am the Founder and Executive Director of LRM Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to social justice, equity, and belonging through STEM Education, Mental Health and Wellness, and Theatre/Performing Arts programming.

My Practice Principles are to Live with Courage, Be Guided by Integrity, Choose To Trust, Demonstrate Loyalty, and Do It with Excellence.

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“Thank you for your support and professionalism during a stressful situation. You make it easier for all of us.”

“Nicole is a real model for handling crisis, staying cool, and knowing how to build relationships.”

“Nicole has for many years devoted herself to serving the community by ensuring access to critical, life-saving services.”

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

We all have things we want to accomplish in our lives. It makes sense that it would probably be easier to accomplish your goals if you knew how to balance what you do. It can seem like having a balanced life is nearly impossible. Each of us are always looking for ways to get more done while maintaining the activities that should be priorities in our lives.

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