First Responder Services

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What Services are Available for First Responders and Their Families?

Clinical Therapy

Critical Incident Response and Debriefing

Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) Training

Mental Health Services to Peer Support Teams

Improving Relational Health Between Law Enforcement and BIPOC

Resiliency Training

Moral Injury Training

Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace Training

Customized In-Service and Training

Culturally Competent  Therapy Services

The decision to seek therapy can be a difficult decision to make. Some of the stigmas that create obstacles is that seeking therapy is a sign of weakness or inability to problem-solve challenges.  This can lead to feelings of shame or inadequacy.  The truth is that choosing therapy is a courageous act. It means as a First Responder, you recognize the emotional impact your career has on you and perhaps your family. For some First Responders, therapy is a part of emotional survival.  Therapy can help you cope with past and present experiences, and be a supportive force as you work towards a healthy future.   

Culture and Identity

Being a First Responder is more than just a role, in many ways, it is an identity. Even in the face of being on the front lines of unimaginable events, First Responders across the Nation continue to show up to protect and service our communities. Although First Responders accept the challenge to serve in this capacity, the chronic stress, repeatedly responding to danger and traumatic events, and dealing with unwanted outcomes can accumulate a devastating emotional toll. The psychological impact of their career can challenge their ability to cope with life stressors and personal relationships can become significantly strained.

Clinical Experience

Chronic stress, depression, anxiety, relationship Issues, PTSD, guilt and shame are all symptoms that disrupt the lives of First Responders and their families.

Having a clinician who is trained in trauma-specific approaches and who is familiar with the multifaceted ways trauma impacts First Responders is essential successful treatment. My therapy and consulting services are dedicated to supporting the lives of First Responders. In addition to clinical interventions, I offer a holistic way to build resiliency that includes maintaining a hopeful outlook, finding meaning in the face of crisis, and providing faith-based support for those who seek it.


Throughout my career I have worked alongside Law Enforcement, Fire, Medical, and Dispatch to service my community during crisis events. My experiences both personally and professionally have deepened my understanding and respect for First Responders who work tirelessly to protect us. Most importantly, I come from a Law Enforcement family and I’ve been fortunate to build relationships with countless men and women who serve and protect communities as First Responders. As a sister, Aunt, Friend, Colleague, and a Mental Health Clinician, I believe the best contribution to helping First Responders fulfill their call to service is to seek to understand their unique and complex culture, to support their efforts, to advocate for ongoing training and resources, and to serve alongside them in whatever capacity possible.

Taking Action

Schedule a Free 1:1

First Responders and First Responder Agencies can schedule a free initial consultation to discuss service needs and options.


Proactive Steps

Decide what services will benefit you and/or your agency the most. If you are seeking therapy, this will include an initial Assessment of Need which will help drive the plan of action. As an agency, a Discovery Session will be held to explore your department needs.

Navigating a Healthier Future

Whether an individual, family, group or agency, my goal is to help you be successful.

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